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personal training studio

Welcome to MILO Fitness

Personal training gym, Hadleigh, Benfleet  


Our Story

MILO Fitness was founded in 2019 by two personal trainers (Steve and Cameron) looking for a better way to offer their personal training services than through a commercial gym. In the heart of Hadleigh, Benfleet, they found the perfect place to do just that. MILO's studio gives our trainers the ability to offer a private workout experience in a space specifically designed for PT. That means no members watching, no waiting for equipment, no searching for space and no distractions getting between you and your workout.

Our name takes inspiration from the Greek legend "Milo of Croton". This is the story of a famous ancient Greek wrestler, named Milo, who became incredibly strong by making small and consistent improvements. The legend goes that Milo would carry a calf around a track on his shoulders every day. As the calf grew larger Milo grew stronger leaving him able to carry a fully grown bull on his shoulders. 

This story is a great metaphor for life and training and is what underpins our approach to helping you achieve your goals. 


Our Services


Our personal training approach is tailored specifically to every clients goals, needs, experience and timeframes. We have a range of packages and options that fit in with all budgets and lifestyles. 

What to expect from personal training at MILO

  • In person training sessions at our private studio in Hadleigh

  • Complete personalised training program to follow outside of sessions (using our app)

  • In depth dietary breakdown, guidance and advice

  • Long term strategies to help align your lifestyle and habits with your goals

  • 24/7 support, motivation and accountability from your dedicated personal training

  • injury rehab and prevention training built into your program

  • Expert trainers with decades of experience training hundreds of clients  


Our bootcamps and classes are for people looking for a community of like minded fitness enthusiast, keen on working hard and having fun in the process.

Our memberships and packages designed to be flexible and affordable including unlimited access memberships and well as the option to pay as you go

Your first session of any of our classes is FREE to try so contact us now to book yourself in


Our online training is perfect for anyone that wants the knowledge and advice of our trainers but is unable to make in person sessions. Completely personalised training plans, regular check ins, 24/7 txt support and much more.

Additionally, if you are just looking for a workout to follow but want the reassurance that it is written by trainers that truly know what they are doing then our programs may be right for you. We offer both premade programs, ready to start today, and bespoke personalised programs written after a consultation call to better understand your goals and needs 

Our Location
252 London Road Hadleigh, Beenfleet, ss72de
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