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Online Training and Programming

Online Training

Our online training is designed for people who are looking for a little extra guidance, accountability and motivation but aren't necessarily interested in seeing a trainer in person.

Your personally tailored training program will be available to you through our app, train heroic. It comes with full breakdowns and videos of all your exercises as well as specific notes and guidance from your trainer. With this app you will be able to track and relay your workouts back to us, making it super easy for us to monitor how you are progressing and make adjustments where necessary. It also helps us keep you fully accountable to your training schedule. 

Also included is our full diet support. We work with you to breakdown, improve and manage your nutrition habits in order to align them with your goal. We believe in building a flexible, sustainable diet that allows you to enjoy the food you love. The ultimate aim is to not feel like you are dieting at all.

All of this comes with constant messenger support, weekly check ins  and a fortnightly call to talk through all your training and diet in more detail.

Pre-made Programs

Pre-made programs are our ready made programs available to download and start today. They are written with a particular goal in mind but not personalised to you specifically. Perfect for anyone looking to try a MILO program out for themselves and get an idea of our training style and approach

Bespoke Programs

A program written specifically for you. With our bespoke programs we go through your exact goals, experience, circumstances and lifestyles during a consultation call in order to build you a completely unique and tailor made training routine. The program will then be designed and written onto our app for you to use within the time period you select. We will give you a run through of the program during a second call and then close you out with a final call to see how it all went. Great for anyone looking for that next level of programming or guidance without committing to full time personal training 

Want to find out more? Fill out our contact form and we can arrange a free consultation call


Online Training

personal training at your fingertips

  • Online PT

    Every month
    online personal training
    • dedicated 1-1 online trainer
    • weekly accountbility check ins
    • fortnightly phone or video check ins
    • personalised workout programing
    • dietary guidance/meal planning
    • unlimited email and messaging support

Pre-made Training Programs

specificaly designed programs ready to start today

  • Fundamental Strength

    12 week fundamental strength program
    Valid for 4 months
    • 4 months access to our 12 week fundamental strength program
    • Plan loaded onto the train heroic app for tracking
    • Video example of each exercise
    • % based program
    • Full periodized program with specific training blocks
    • email support for any questions
    • perfect for those with 6months+ lifting experience
  • Full, Upper, Lower

    6 week, 3 day a week muscle building program
    Valid for 2 months
    • perfect for beginners and intermediate lifters
    • full body, upper body and lower body sessions
    • extra focus on legs, great for building the glutes
    • 2 month access to train heroic app for exercise tracking
    • pdf copy of program to keep
    • email support for questions and guidance
    • videos of every exercise with notes for each session
    • time efficient, 3 sessions a week
  • 12 week running s&c

    runners strength and conditioning plan - no equipment needed
    Valid for 4 months
    • 4 months access to train heroic app for program tracking
    • videos and guidance of every exercise and session
    • no equipment needed
    • perfect for runners looking for an extra edge
    • strength and conditioning as well as injury prevention
    • pdf copy of program

Bespoke Programs

all designed with you in mind

  • 12 Week Program

    Bespoke 12 week training program
    Valid for 4 months
    • consultation call/ in person consultation
    • 12 week personalised training plan written to your goals
    • 4 months access to the train heroic app for workout tracking
    • dietary advice and guidance to match your program goals
  • 6 Week Program

    Bespoke 6 week training program
    Valid for 2 months
    • consultation call/in person consultation
    • 6 week personalised training program written to your goals
    • 2 months access to the train heroic app for workout tracking
    • dietary advice to match your program goals
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