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"Highly recommend Milo fitness. I already have a number of years experience of weight training in the gym but wanted to work on some strength training, as I felt I had plateaued. Cam wrote a comprehensive 12 week plan that took in to consideration my strengths and weaknesses. He periodically checked in on me, assessing my progress, outside of our scheduled sessions, making changes where necessary. I learned loads from Cam that I can take forward myself, but will be back for more expert guidance in the future"


“Steve is amazing and has somehow given me the fitness bug. The gym is very clean and has lots of new equipment. I am doing twice weekly sessions. Couldn't recommend more"


“Facilities are great but the staff are what make it. All experts in their own field of training, rehabilitation for sports. Cameron is great: super approachable, professional and isn't afraid to push you"


“Steve at MILO is a fab PT, very knowledgeable, supportive and is a great motivator. Since training with him I have achieved goal I never though possible. Such a professional team, I would highly recommend Steve, Cam and the whole team at MILO"


“I always enjoy working out with Kieran. He makes me feel comfortable and makes the workouts enjoyable, he has also taught me so much about dieting and exercise that I didn't know before. I have lost nearly a stone and never felt more confident in my body"


“Jamie literally changed my life. Before meeting him I had never stepped foot into a weight area due to nerves and not knowing what I was doing but now I am able to walk in their 6 days a week with a smile on my face and smash out a great session. he is such a friendly person as well as a great PT, he will really listen to what you want and help you get there in the best way for yourself. Jamie really is amazing"


“I knew I needed strength training as part of the training block for the London marathon and wanted to ensure I dedicated the time to do it properly. MILO Fitness and Cam provided the equipment and knowledge. I arrived on the start line and crossed the finish line strong and injury free, meeting my goal. Big thanks to Cam and MILO fitness for being an integral part of my training and PB. I highly recommend"


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