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MILO bootcamps and fitness classes are perfect for anyone looking for a challenging workout in a friendly, welcoming environment. We operate our classes out of John Burroughs park and our private personal training studio in Hadleigh. Our aim is to provide exercises to suit all abilities and preferences and to ensure all feel comfortable and welcomed while training with us. Our payment options are flexible and include; bulk packages, monthly memberships and pay as you go to chose from.


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Our Instructors

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Coach Steve

One of MILO's owners, Coach Steve runs our Sunday, gym based bootcamp class. An expert in making exercise challenging and fun, just watch out for cheesy puns and occasional bouts of singing.

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Hannah teaches our bootcamp class. She is passionate about fitness, practices what she preaches and is highly committed to making you work hard. 

Our Classes

  • 6:30pm Wed, MILO Fitness | Bootcamp style weighted circuits and group...

    45 min

  • 9am Sun, MILO Fitness Studio | Gym based bootcamp circuit class

    45 min

Memberships and Packages

  • Value Pack

    Best value option. 12 bootcamps or classes. No expiry
  • Flexi Pack

    Most flexible. 8 bootcamps or classes. No expiry
  • Monthly

    Every month
    access to 4 classes or bootcamps per month
  • Clients unlimited

    Every month
    MILO pt clients only. Unlimited classes and bootcamps
Bootcamp Location

John Burrows Park, Hadleigh, SS7 2NQ

Birdeye John Burrows.png

252 London road
Hadleigh, Benfleet

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